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The Best Muzzle For A Shih Tzu

If you’re looking for a way to protect your Shih Tzu and others from unnecessary harm, a muzzle might be the answer.


Although the idea of putting a muzzle on a dog might seem unpleasant, in some specific cases they are necessary to keep both people and your dog safe.


Choosing the right muzzle can feel overwhelming, with so many different styles available on the market today. However, it doesn’t have to be hard if you know your dog’s size, breed and personality.


This blog will provide insight into the factors to consider before buying a muzzle for your Shih Tzu and review some of the popular muzzles available.


We’ll also be offering helpful tips about how to introduce your dog to wearing a muzzle safely and comfortably.


By the end of this blog you’ll know exactly what product is best suited for your pup!

dog wearing a muzzle

Why Might Your Shih Tzu Need A Muzzle?

Owning a Shih Tzu is a wonderful responsibility, and as such, there are lots of safety measures that responsible owners should take.


One of the most important considerations is whether your dog should wear a muzzle under certain conditions.


Your vet is the best person to discuss this with – but generally speaking, muzzles can be necessary for visits to the vet or groomer to help protect them and the staff from bites.


They can also help manage issues with aggression and reactivity, both in terms of preventing harm to other animals or people when out on walks and providing peace of mind when visitors come over.


If you decide a muzzle may be appropriate for your dog, it is important to choose an appropriately sized one that ensures they can drink and pant comfortably while wearing it.

Different Types Of Muzzle?

Short Snout Muzzles


This is the type of muzzle you’ll want to buy for your Shih Tzu. They are a relatively new type of muzzle for dogs that offer superior comfort, security and better breathability for your dog.


The short snout design allows for greater air circulation which is especially useful in hot and humid climates.


This type of muzzle is also less likely to rub on the face causing any skin irritations or discomfort.


Meanwhile, the secure straps offer reliable holding power to ensure your Shih Tzu can’t slip out while you are on the go. Although some other types of muzzles might fit a Shih Tzu a short snout muzzle is the correct choice to avoid any potential issues with a secure and comfortable fit.

Basket Muzzles


Basket muzzles are a great option for those who need to prevent their dogs from barking, biting, or picking up things off of the ground.

Unlike a standard muzzle which covers the whole snout, basket muzzles take advantage of allowing full ventilation while covering the mouth so that it’s nearly impossible for dogs to bite with them on.


They also come in several adjustable sizes which help ensure that even large breeds can still comfortably pant when wearing one. While this type of muzzle provides ample benefits, it is worth noting that it should not be used during extended periods since they do not provide any coverage over the nose and eyes of your pup.


Additionally, because they cover only the mouth (not the snout) dogs may still be able to lick or chew at whatever has been caught in the muzzle.


All things considered though, basket muzzles can be an effective way to practice safe precautionary measures when out in public with your dog.

metal bsaket muzzle

Firm-Fitting Fabric Muzzles


Fabric muzzles for dogs are becoming popular options for owners who want to provide their pup with some restricted access to the outside world.


They are different from wire, plastic, or rubber muzzles in terms of how easily they can be put on and taken off as well as their comfortable fabric design that won’t irritate your pup’s skin.


While fabric muzzles offer a more secure fit than others and are simple to remove when needed, they can be less effective at providing complete protection against biting than other materials.


However, fabric muzzles allow your dog to relax while still limiting its ability to bark or chew on unfamiliar objects.


Therefore, it is important to consider the activity level and unique needs of the canine companion when determining which type of muzzle works best for them.

Mesh Muzzles


Mesh muzzles are a type of dog muzzle specifically designed for the safety and comfort of your dog.


They are made using lightweight breathable mesh material that allows your pet to pant and drink freely, unlike traditional leather or plastic muzzles which can be stifling for dogs.


This makes it easier for owners to leave the muzzle on their pup for longer periods of time. Mesh muzzles also provide protection from excessive barking, biting and chewing as well as stopping any distractions from rushing in that could potentially harm your pup or other animals.


One disadvantage is that it may be difficult to properly communicate with their owners while wearing them.


Additionally, they cannot be used in public areas where aggressive dogs might be present since the design of the webbing presents too big a space for an aggressive animal to bite through.


Nevertheless, mesh muzzles remain an incredibly popular option among dog owners due to their choice of features and enhanced comfort levels – when carefully chosen with your Shih Tzu’s behavioral needs, they can prove invaluable to successfully train your furry companion.

mesh muzzle

Soft Cloth Or Leather Muzzles


Soft cloth and leather muzzles can be an excellent choice for dog owners looking to control their dog’s barking or protect them from chewing certain items.


These muzzles are comparatively more comfortable than other muzzle types, usually featuring adjustable straps and breathable fabric that allow a full range of motion and won’t rub against your dog’s skin.


Leather muzzles also tend to keep your pet’s mouth securely closed while still allowing the dog to breathe, pant, and drink.


However, users should note that soft muzzles are not ideal for strong pulls since they don’t provide as much protection as harder materials.


Additionally, most require frequent cleaning due to the material used, which can wear down over time if not properly maintained.


Ultimately, the type of muzzle you pick for your furry companion will largely depend on your individual needs and lifestyle.

leather muzzle

Head Halters With A Built-In Muzzle Attachment


Head halters with a built-in muzzle attachment are an effective tool for preventing a dog from barking. These head halters offer an alternative to regular muzzles, providing more freedom of movement for your dog’s mouth and tongue.


The built-in muzzle helps prevent barking and biting, allowing the dog greater comfort due to unrestricted breathing and improved vision.

While head halters are good for short-term situations, it is important to note that they should not be used as a substitute for training; with consistent reinforcement, these tools can help develop more appropriate behavior in dogs.


The biggest challenge with this type of muzzle is getting the dog to accept it. Dogs may need some time to adjust since they can’t bark while wearing it.


Despite this, head halters with a built-in muzzle can be extremely helpful when used correctly – providing great control of intense dogs or those that have behavioral challenges.

head halter with muzzle

Plastic Basket Muzzle


This type of muzzle is made of plastic mesh, and it allows dogs to open their mouths while still preventing them from biting or eating anything.


The airflow through the mesh makes plastic basket muzzles much more comfortable for dogs to wear than other types of muzzles, and many dogs are able to drink, pant, and even bark with the muzzle on.


Some owners may feel uneasy about using one of these muzzles for everyday use since it could cause anxiety or an uncomfortable feeling for the dog.


However, when used responsibly and only during appropriate situations it can provide significant safety benefits such as around children or in public spaces.

plastic basket muzzle

Nylon Muzzles

Nylon muzzles are lightweight and adjustable, making them comfortable to wear for your Shih Tzu.


Unlike traditional wire or leather dog muzzles, nylon muzzles are breathable, allowing your pet to pant or drink without restriction.


In addition, many nylon muzzles come with reflective stripes built-in for added nighttime visibility.


Despite their benefits, this style of muzzle may not be suitable for all situations – some dogs may be too large for the adjustable straps, while others may need more protection due to aggressive behavior.


If in doubt, consult a veterinarian or trained animal behavior specialist before making a purchase.

nylon muzzle

How To Measure Your Shih Tzu For A Muzzle

Measuring your dog for a muzzle is an important step to ensure they are comfortable while wearing it. It’s recommended that the muzzle should fit snugly enough so that the dog can still eat, drink and pant normally, but securely enough to prevent them from biting or barking.


To accurately measure your dog for a muzzle, you first need to measure the circumference of their snout at its widest point.


Then measure from the tip of their nose to a spot behind their ears – this will give you an idea of the length of their snout.


Finally, take both measurements with you when selecting a muzzle to ensure a perfect fit for your dog.

How To Correctly Put A Muzzle On Your Shih Tzu

Putting on a muzzle for a dog correctly is an important part of making sure both you and your pet are safe.


Start by introducing the muzzle to your Shih Tzu – letting them become familiar with it without it touching their face, if possible.


When ready, start by gently putting the muzzle over your dog’s nose and then buckling the straps around their head in a snug but comfortable manner, ensuring that it does not rub against their eyes or cause any harm.


Once secured, reward your furry friend with treats as an incentive for being so obedient throughout the process. If you ever need an extra hand, consider recruiting a professional trainer to help both of you get used to this new activity.


With patience and consistency, you’ll be able to have your dog wearing a muzzle quickly and calmly.

Tips For Training Your Shih Tzu To Wear A Muzzle

Training your Shih Tzu to wear a muzzle for the first time can be a daunting experience, but there are simple steps you can take to make the process easier.


Start by introducing your pup to the muzzle through positive reinforcement – give them treats or praise when they curiously sniff or touch the muzzle. After they become familiar with it, let them wear the muzzle without fastening it so they can get used to having something on their face.


Use treats and more positive reinforcement when they try on the secured muzzle and walk around with it. Allow them to wear the muzzle for short periods of time before gradually increasing the amount of time spent wearing it.


Once your pup is comfortable with wearing their muzzle for extended periods of time, practice walks in areas that are familiar to both of you and reward them whenever they put up with their muzzle happily.


Training your dog should always be done calmly and gradually — if any step feels too challenging, take a step back and try again later!

Best Muzzle For A Shih Tzu Reviews

JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle

best choice

The JYHY short snout muzzle is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind.

Made of breathable mesh, your Shih Tzu won’t be agitated or uncomfortable once they are used to wearing it. Nylon makes the muzzle light yet durable, much more resistant to wear and tear than other fabrics.


For practicality, the JYHY muzzle comes with adjustable straps; fitting it correctly around your dog will be simple and straightforward each time you need to use it.


In addition, its secure design makes it unlikely for the muzzle to fall off – important for when you’re out and about and need peace of mind that your pup is kept safe.


It’s important to note that even though this muzzle has overwhelmingly good reviews some dog owners have clam that especially aggressive dogs could still bite through the muzzle and in rare cases tear through it. Although this seems quite rare.

The JYHY short snout muzzle gets our best choice award. It has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with over 2000 reviews and is good value for money.



Barklkess Dog Muzzle

The Barkless Dog Muzzle is the perfect muzzle for a dog with a short snout. This adjustable muzzle ensures safety and comfort with a soft and durable design.


Featuring a large opening so your dog can drink, eat, and breathe comfortably. The large opening is a great feature as it allows you to feed your treats while training them to feel comfortable with it on their face.


The soft rubber material also allows you to spread some peanut butter on the inside when training and can be easily washed off afterward.


The rubber material also gives this muzzle the benefits of being both strong and soft.


The muzzle is adjustable and secure thanks to a simple nylon strap that really helps when training your dog to wear it for the first time.


Although the reviews are mostly positive a few dog owners have mentioned that they found it difficult to find the right size for their dog and that the design made visibility an issue. These are things you should consider before purchasing.

The JYHY short snout muzzle gets our best choice award. It has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with over 200 reviews and is good value for money.



Short Snout Dog Muzzle

This muzzle is very similar to the JYHY muzzle but has more material over the top of the head making it a bit more secure.


However, although there is not much in it this may reduce your Shih Tzu’s comfort compared to the JYHY muzzle.


Having said that, if you have a particularly aggressive dog this might be a better choice as it will be more secure and less likely to be shaken off.


This muzzle also has soft padding around the eyes and a velcro strap that is different from the other muzzles.

This muzzle has a 3.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.  Although the reviews are mostly positive some of the dog owners who purchased this muzzle did have some concerns.


One customer complained that the muzzle had a bad smell straight out of the packet although no one else seemed to mention this.


A few customers mentioned that the velcro strap would not very secure and that it wore out after a few months.




Selecting the right muzzle for a flat faced dog like a Shih Tzu can be tricky. Most traditionally designed muzzles will be too deep and can cause discomfort, snout breathing issues, and lack of ventilation.


To ensure maximum comfort levels and safety it’s important to purchase a muzzle that has been specially designed with flat-faced breeds in mind.


These muzzles generally have wider straps around the base of the snout and beneath the jaw to provide a snug fit that won’t choke or irritate your pet’s face.


Additionally, they also usually feature adjustable buckles and additional padding to create a comfortable fit that both prevents injuries as well as making sure your dog is able to pant and breathe freely.


With extra patience and care when using these muzzles, you can rest assured knowing your pup will be safe and comfortable.

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