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Best Brush For A Shih Tzu – Don’t Get The Wrong Type!

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What Is The Best Brush For Your Shih Tzu?


This post is for anyone who owns a Shih Tzu and wants to know the best brush for their dog. In this article we’ll explore the different types of brushes and what to use them for and the best ones in each category.


We’ll also talk about what kind of coat a Shih Tzu has and why it’s important to know. I’ll go through the different types of brushes, their benefits, and how to use them. I’ll also recommend some quality brushes and provide links to where you can buy them.


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Best Brushes For A Shih Tzu

What Brushes and Combs Do You Need?

Understanding Your Shih Tzu’s Coat

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Best Brushes – Reviews


Below we will review several of the different types of brushes you might need to properly groom your Shih Tzu. These will include:


  • Pin Brush.
  • Slicker Brush.
  • Metal Comb.
  • Dematting Comb.


Please read the below sections of this article to learn about the different types of brushes and what to use them for.


Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


hertzko grooming slicker brushhertzko grooming slicker brush


best choiceMy first recommendation for a slicker brush would be the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush. For the price, this is an excellent brush if you are on a budget. One of the best features of this brush is that it’s self-cleaning. You simply click a button that retracts the bristles making it easy to wipe away the hair.


This brush has a good density of bristles that are angled so as not to cause discomfort for your dog when brushing. It has a strong, comfortable anti-slip handle that helps towards avoiding wrist strain when brushing for longer periods. This brush has a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 84,000 reviews!





  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Fine bent bristles for comfort.
  • Good bristle density.
  • Easy to clean with a self-cleaning button.
  • Strong, comfortable grip.
  • Anti-slip handle.
  • Amazon Choice award.
  • Excellent rating & reviews.


When considering the value for money, the features, and in particular the reviews, I have given this my best choice award for a slicker brush.

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Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


depets slicker brush depets slicker brush 



The Depets self cleaning slicker brush is another great choice. It has round beads which a lot of pet owners prefer on a slicker brush as it prevents scratching your dog’s skin. The pins are made from stainless steel, angled at 60 degrees, and with good elasticity, perfectly designed for grooming your Shih Tzu.


As with the Hertzco slicker brush, it has a self-cleaning feature – you simply click the button and remove the collected hair. It also has a sturdy non-slip, comfortable grip.


depets slicker brush


Best Features:


  • Rounded pins.
  • Self-cleaning one-click button.
  • Comfortable non-slip grip.
  • Good value.
  • Excellent reviews.


This brush has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating with almost 3,000 reviews.


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JW Gripsoft Slicker Slicker Brush


jw slicker brush


Another great choice for a slicker brush is the JW Gripsoft Brush. The brush has been designed with a rubber-sheathed handle for maximum comfort while you’re grooming your Shih Tzu. The handle is also non-slip giving you more control over those harder-to-reach places on your dog. The teeth come in two different lengths making them great for removing mats and tangles.


The teeth are also angled at 90 degrees to prevent any raking on your dog’s skin. 


Best Features:


  • Rounded head and angled pins.
  • Effective on double-coated breeds like the Shih Tzu.
  • Comfortable non-slip grip.
  • High-density pins.
  • Ergonomic handle reducing fatigue in the hands.


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Chris Christensen A5 II Slicker Brush


slicker brush for shih tzu


This is a fine-looking sturdy brush but has a lower pin density than the one above and is not as flexible but is still a fine brush that is worth considering. It has a beautiful beechwood handle made from high-grade steel pins that cause less damage to your dog’s skin.


Best Features:


  • Beautiful hand-crafted beechwood handle.
  • High-grade steel pins for less skin damage.
  • Soft, flexible cushion.


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Happy Dogz Pro Slicker Brush


pro slicker brush shih tzuslicker brush dog grooming supplies


This slicker brush doesn’t have the density of the Chris Christensen brushes but it is still a good brush for the price. It has a comfortable, durable handle and is a good option for those on a budget.


It’s the perfect size for a small to medium size dog and is good to use on both short and long-haired dogs. The bristles are designed to be firm enough to remove the debris and tangles from your dog’s coat but gentle enough not to cause any damage.


This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a free dog grooming ebook.


Best Features:


  • Gentle bristles.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • Free dog grooming e-Book.
  • Excellent Amazon reviews.


Check The Price On Amazon


Andis Greyhound Comb


andis greyhound grooming comb


best choiceMy first choice award for a steel comb goes to the Andis Steel Comb. This Andis comb has a simple but effective design featuring a fine and coarse teeth section. The comb is made from quality steel but is light and easy to use weighing only 2.4 ounces. This comb is well-designed, simple, and good value for money.




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Cafhelp Metal Dog Comb


cafhelp metal dog comb

The CafHelp metal comb is another great option. This comb has a non-slip rubber grip that is comfortable to hold when brushing your Shih Tzu.


It’s made with stainless steel, a durable material, and also has rounded pins protecting your dog from any unwanted scratches.

cafhelp metal dog comb

cafhelp metal dog comb


It also has large and small pin gaps meaning you can tackle the different needs of combing a dog with a double coat.


It has an excellent 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Although the reviews are mostly positive a few dissatisfied customers have complained that the comb is a bit flimsy and feels like a budget comb.


Best Features:


  • Large and small pins.
  • Rounded pins.
  • Made from high-quality, eco-friendly aluminum.


Check The Price On Amazon


Babyliss Propet Half Moon Grooming Comb



babyliss propet steel comb


For a more expensive but professional choice here is the Babyliss Pro Pet Half Moon Comb. This brush is 7.5 inches long and is made from high-quality stainless steel. The teeth are rounded and are divided into two different spacing. The half-moon shape will give you greater control and precision when combing your Shih Tzu.


Best Features:


  • Rounded teeth with 2 different spacings.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Half-moon shape for great precision when combing.


Check The Price On Amazon


Max Power Planet Pet Dematting Comb


max power mat splitter


best choice

The Max Power Dematting Comb gets our best choice award for a dematting comb.


It has a dual-sided design, that is great for first removing stubborn matting and then for more refined thinning and de-shedding. This design makes it perfect for a Shih Tzu with their double coat as it’s very effective at removing loose hair, tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.


It has sharp but rounded teeth providing safety for your dog while also being effective at removing mats and tangles. This comb is lightweight with a non-slip rubber handle for comfort and stability.


max power mat splitter


This mat-splitter is a favorite amongst dog owners and has a 4.6 out of 5 star review on Amazon with almost 40,000 reviews.


max power mat splitter





  • Dual-sided design.
  • Perfect for a Shih Tzu’s double coat.
  • Sharp but rounded teeth for safety.
  • Lightweight with non-slip handle.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Excellent reviews and rating.


Check The Price On Amazon


Safari Dematting Comb


safari dematting shih tzu brush


Our best choice award for a dematting comb goes to the Safari Dematting Comb. It has been designed to easily remove mats and tangles from a variety of coat types. The comb is made from quality stainless steel and has a comfortable, ergonomic handle for easy use. It has removable blades allowing you to change the direction if you are left-handed – a unique feature for a dog comb.


Best Features:


  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Excellent reviews.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Reversible blade for right or left-handed use.


Check The Price On Amazon


ConairPro Dematting Comb


Another good choice for a dematting comb (also known as a rake) is the ConairPro Dematting Rake. This brush has been designed with a memory grip handle that conforms to the shape of your hand. This allows for better control and will mean you can groom your dog for longer before your wrist starts to ache. It’s also a nice size for a Shih Tzu.





Best Features:


  • Non-slip grip.
  • Memory form grip reducing fatigue.
  • Excellent rating & reviews.
  • A good size for a Shih Tzu.


Check The Price On Amazon


Hertzko Mat Remover Comb


hertzko mat splitter grooming toolhertzko mat splitter grooming tool


My second choice is the Hertzko Mat Remover Comb which also comes highly recommended. It’s an all-in-one comb that’s suitable for long, medium, thick, wiry, or curly hair. This comb also has a nicely designed handle for comfort and grip with an anti-slip handle.


It also has sharp, fine curved blades that prevent pulling hairs and causing any damage to your dog’s skin.




  • Works for all hair types.
  • Sharp, no-scratch teeth.
  • Comfortable, anti-slip grip.
  • Strong, durable design.
  • Good size for a Shih Tzu.


Check The Price On Amazon


Understanding Your Shih Tzu’s Coat


The Shih Tzu is a breed of dog that has a double coat. A double coat is made up of an undercoat and an outer coat. The outer coat is made up of long hairs, known as guard hairs, and their purpose is to repel moisture and remove any debris that finds its way into the coat. The under-coat is usually dense and soft and helps to keep them warm in colder weather and cooler when it is hot.


shih tzu coat brush


An adult Shih Tzu will have a double coat of thick hair and if they are not brushed and groomed regularly the hair can mat easily and lead to certain health problems for your dog.


Types OF Brushes For Your Shih Tzu


Slicker Brush


The primary purpose of a Slicker Brush is to remove any debris and loose hairs from your dog’s coat as well as any mats or tangles in the undercoat. It is made of hundreds of metal bristles that are angled slightly so they don’t damage your dog’s skin.


As well as removing debris and helping with matted hair they are good for distributing oil throughout your Shih Tzu’s coat helping to keep the fur in good condition.


When using this brush it’s important to pay close attention to the amount of pressure you’re applying when brushing.


The main thing to be aware of when using a slicker brush for your dog is brush burn. As this type of brush has very fine bristles you can irritate or even scratch your dog’s skin if you brush too hard. Therefore, it’s important to get a good quality brush that has a good density of pins. While you are brushing your dog try to not be too rough and pay attention to the amount of pressure you are applying.


Also, avoid using this brush around your dog’s face and ears as the design is not suited for this part of the body.


chris christensen slicker brush


When you first get your brush a good idea would be to test it out on your arm and see how it feels when you apply different amounts of pressure. Also, bare in mind that human skin is slightly thicker than dog skin. Due to the design of this brush, it might feel a bit strange to your dog at first so start out using it sparingly to give them time to adjust to the new sensation.


Below are a few slicker brushes with a variety of prices and features. They will all be ok for brushing and de-matting your Shih Tzu but please remember that with these kinds of products, you get what you pay for. I’ll list the best features of these products and where you can buy them.


I only recommend products that have at least a 4-Star rating on Amazon and provide links to the reviews so you know you can buy these products with confidence.



Pin Brush


Brushing your Shih Tzu’s coat is an important part of its regular grooming routine, and there are a variety of brushes on the market to help owners do this job.


A pin brush stands out from the other options because it is versatile enough for almost any coat type. The metal pins provide deep-down cleaning for thick or matted fur, as well as gentle detangling for fine hair.


Furthermore, the cushioning pad ensures the brushing process is comfortable for your dog without irritating their skin.


Metal Combs


So after you have thoroughly brushed your Shih with a slicker brush and they are completely free of any mats or tangles you then want to finish off by using a good comb. There are many different combs with different designs for different purposes. However, in my experience with my Shih Tzu, a good steel greyhound comb is a perfectly fine tool for the job. You can find a few different designs but I like the steel dual-tooth design that I’ll list below.


As always, I only recommend products that have at least a 4-star rating on Amazon and provide links to the reviews so you know you can buy these products with confidence.



Mat Splitter


If your Shih Tzu develops very thick and dense matted patches of hair you might want to consider getting a matt splitter. These are designed to specifically cut through matted hair and have sharp razors protected by metal to guard.



As with all combs and brushes, mat splitters come in a variety of prices and designs.


Further Reading


As well as a good quality brush and comb there are some other things you might want to consider that are related to brushing your dog. Firstly, you should make sure you are using the right shampoo for your Shih Tzu.


Dogs have different hair and skin than humans and they need shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for their needs.


Another product you may want to consider would be a dematting or detangling spray. These sprays can be very effective.


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If you would like to dig deeper into all areas of caring for your Shih Tzu we recommend you check out the book below.


shih tzu complete guide book cover


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This book has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon with over 220 reviews.


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