Dematting Comb For Shih Tzu – Get The Right Tools!

shih tzu dematting comb

  What is the best dematting comb for a Shih Tzu? In this article, we will recommend a selection of the best dematting combs to use on your Shih Tzu and also discuss why they get them in the first place, how to prevent them, and also the dangers of not removing them.   Contents:   Why Does Your Tzu Shih…

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Best Brush For A Shih Tzu – Don’t Get The Wrong Type!

best brush shih tzu

  What Is The Best Brush For Your Shih Tzu?   This post is for anyone who owns a Shih Tzu and wants to know the best brush for their dog. In this article we’ll explore the different types of brushes and what to use them for and the best ones in each category.   We’ll also talk about what…

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Best Dog Detangling Spray For Your Shih Tzu

detangling brush shih tzu

[addthis tool=”addthis_inline_share_toolbox”]   What Is The Best Dog Detangling And Dematting Spray For A Shih Tzu   So your Shih Tzu either has some mild tangling in their coat or some areas of matted hair that needs to be brushed out or removed.   Dogs are very active animals and it’s almost inevitable that they’ll get knotted or matted hair…

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