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Dog Coats With Legs – Why Your Dog Might Need One

dog coats with legs

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fitwarm dog coat
Best Choice – Fitwarm Waterproof Dog Coat

In this article we’ll be looking into why you might need a dog coat with legs. We ask if dogs really need coats (yes, some of them do!), what are the benefits of coats with legs, what to look for in a good quality coat and then review some coats we think you might like.


After reviewing a whole bunch of dog coats our best choice award goes to the Fitwarm Dog Coat and you can read our review here. It has a stylish design, is made using a soft and warm fleece material and is completely water resistant. 


We hope you enjoy the article 🙂


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Fitwarm Pawz Adidog Ellie Dog
dog coat with legs dog coat with legs pawz adidog dog coat ellie wear dog yellow raincoat
Amazon Rating 4.1 out of 5 4.1 out of 5 3.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5







Do Dogs Really Need Coats?


Depending on the breed of dog, the answer can be yes, absolutely! When it’s cold or wet outside, you benefit from wearing a coat, and so does your dog. It will offer them some protection against the cold and rain.


There are some exceptions to this; if you own a dog breed which is typically comfortable in the snow, such as an Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Canadian Eskimo dog, Saint Bernards or a Samoyed dog, then they already have very thick coats and may not need one and could overheat if they had a coat on.


Other dog breeds though, for example, short-haired dogs and dogs who lack an undercoat like Pit bulls, Boxers and Beagles would welcome a coat. Most smaller dogs are especially vulnerable in cold weather.



top tip dog coats with legs



When dogs become wet, their body temperature drops, and they can become cold quickly. So, it’s good to keep your dog as dry as possible and warm. Many dog coats protect your dog’s back, but some coats are designed with legs which will also ensure your dog’s tummy area, and legs are protected from the elements too.


Some people may think it’s unusual to dress pets in clothing, but this is far more than just a fashion accessory. It has a very practical use and can prevent your dog from shivering with the cold, which shows that they’re uncomfortable in the temperature. If you’re putting on a coat, and your dog doesn’t naturally have a thick fur coat, then it’s likely that they need one too.



What Dogs Would Benefit Most From Coats With Legs?


Most dog coats don’t have legs, and therefore doesn’t protect their legs from the cold and wet when they’re out for walks in inclement weather. Coats like this are fine when its cool and dry, but if there is very cold and rainy weather, dog coats with legs will be the much better option. Dogs which would benefit the most from coats with legs include:


  • Small Dogs – If your dog is very small, it’s vital to keep them well wrapped up because their body heat will soon disperse into the air around them and they don’t retain it. So, typically, dogs like Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russells, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Papillons, and other dogs that have a small body weight. If your house is kept quite cool, and the humans in the house wear jumpers and have blankets in the colder months, then for a small dog with not a lot of fur, wearing a thin coat in the house too, can make them feel more snuggly. Dogs will curl up to try to keep warm, but in the winter, this may not be enough.
  • Dogs with Joint Problems – Like with people, if dogs have joint issues where their knees, hips, or elbows ache or have arthritis, then keeping those joints warm will really help them to ache less and be more mobile. This is where a dog coat with legs is ideal!
  • Elderly Or Ill dogs – If your dog is elderly or has any health issues, such as a low immune system, of anything which may affect the thickness of their coat, such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease, then they would benefit from a coat to keep them warm.


top tip dog coat


  • Water Loving Dogs – If your dog loves swimming in water whilst you’re out for a walk, and jumping into the snow, this will make their fur very wet. In cold weather, they’re then at risk of getting a chill. Having a dog coat with legs would allow your dog to play and keep them much dryer and protected at the same time.
  • Tall Dogs – Large tall dogs such as Dalmations or Weimaraners may benefit from a dog coat with legs because a lot of their body heat will disappear from their legs.
  • Groomed Dogs – if your dog has deliberately had their fur groomed quite short and cropped, perhaps to prevent their hair matting, then they may benefit from a coat, as they won’t have their usual fur to keep them warm, Poodles are a good example of this.



What To Look For In A Dog Coat With Legs


There’s a wide range of dog coats with legs available, and which you decide to opt for, will depend on what is the highest priority for you. Some things to take into account though include:


  • Warmth – Will the coat keep your dog warm, and do the job it was intended to do?
  • Mobility – The coat needs to be thick enough for warmth, but not so padded or stiff that your dog is uncomfortable running about in it.
  • Ease Of Cleaning – how easy is it to clean the dog coat with legs? Can you place it in a washing machine? When you’re out for walks with your dog in the winter months, the coat will inevitably become dirty, if your dog is swimming in the water, or playing in slushy snow, and near muddy field. Do take a look at the cleaning instructions, to make life as easy for yourself as possible.
  • Reflective – Some dog coats with legs will also include a reflective patch, which can be very sensible. In winter it tends to be much darker in the mornings and evenings, and anything which can make your dog stand out to people driving vehicles, is always a good thing, to keep them as safe as possible.
  • Detachable Legs And Hood – Some dog coats come with legs and a hood that you are able to detach and re-attach. This makes the coat a flexible option for all types of weather. So, if it’s mild weather your dog could wear the coat without legs and a hood; but if its cold/wet you could attach the legs and hood. Not all dogs like having something around their head, so having a detachable hood, can be a good option if that’s the case.
  • Fastenings – Some dog coats with legs have straps that you can use on the legs and adjust to make them fit your dog better so that the legs don’t ride up your dog’s legs as they run about. Some dogs aren’t keen on coats that are pulled over their heads, so if this is the case with your dog, ensure one that wraps around and fastens instead.
  • Works With Lead/Harness And Collar – ensure that the dog coat with legs that you’re interested in purchasing will allow you to attach your dog’s lead or harness easily. Most coats will have a metal ring to attach the lead to; or a gap in the coat so that you can attach your lead in the usual way via that.
  • Material – you will need to consider what is the best material for your dog to wear. Wool is nice and warming and great for insulation but you’ll need to consider ease of cleaning, and whether the wool will irritate your dog. It could be that you decide to opt for a blended material.
  • Measurement – You’ll need to measure your dog to ensure that the dog-coat with legs fits snuggly, so that it doesn’t fall off your dog, or catch on the floor as your dog walks, and doesn’t inhibit movement and is not restrictive or uncomfortable.  Carefully measure the neck, chest, the area from chest to the waist, and weigh your dog too. Your dog should be able to move freely, but without a lot of spare material flapping around too.
  • Safety – ensure that there are no parts on the coat, that could be chewed off and swallowed by your dog. If the coat states that it should only be worn under supervision, then do ensure you never let your dog wear it if you’re not looking at them; so don’t let them sleep in that, or wear it whilst you’re at work or out the house.



Dog Coat Reviews & Recommendations


Fitwarm Waterproof/Windproof Dog Coat


fitwarm dog coat


best choiceThis Fitwarm Dog Coat gets our best choice award and comes in comes in four sizes – x-small, small, x-large, and xx-large. It’s a beautiful dog-coat which is stylish, colour-coordinated, and really nicely put together in a professional way. It’s the kind of quality that would be as good as a coat that you would buy for your own child.


fitwarm dog coat


It has a fleece type fabric, which is soft and warm. The colours are a dark grey, and a light fawn colour, with a fake fur trim on the hood. It’s water resistant, so highly suitable for taking dogs for walks outside in inclement weather. The coat is easy to put on and take off, with the use of snaps. The coat is brilliant at preventing the little bobbles of snow that can get stuck on your dog’s legs and underbelly.


This coat has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and you can read the customer’s comments here.




  • Stylish design.
  • Soft and warm fleece fabric.
  • Water resistant.
  • Easy to put on and take off.



Check the Fitwarm Dog Coat on Amazon



Pawz Winter Dog Coat


pawz winter dog coat


The Pawz Winter Dog Coat is very neat, tidy and compact looking. It comes in five sizes – x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. The small size has a chest of 16.5”, a length of 9.4”, and a neck of 12.6”. All of the detailing on the coat has been reinforced, which means it’s a quality, well put together coat that is robust for your dog to run about and play in.


pawz winter dog coat


It has an inner layer to keep your dog warm. The coat has a fake fur lined hood and has pockets on it. The coat comes in three colours all of which look quite natural and autumnal. It’s a perfect coat to keep dogs warm whilst they play in the snow. The coat doesn’t appear to have a hole for the lead or harness to go through. The advice from customers who have purchased this is to measure your dog and follow the provided size measurements on the site to get the perfect fit for your dog.


This coat has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon and you can read the reviews for yourself here.




  • Compact design.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Reinforced, robust construction.
  • Inner layer for extra warmth.
  • Comes in 3 autumnal colors.


Check the price for the Pawz Dog Coat on Amazon



Scheppend Adidog Winter Hoddy


adidog dog coat


This Adidog Hoddy has a really sporty design which appears to be based around a well-known sporting brand and is included in our reviews for its fun factor. The design has three dog-bones, and a paw print included which is amusing and relevant for your dog. The material of this coat appears to be sweatshirt material and looks like sports gear. There are vibrant white stripes and lettering on the outfit, which make it a good choice to show up in the darker winter mornings or nights.


adidog hoddy


This dog coat comes in 10 different sizes, and 9 different colours. It is advisable that you measure your pet and follow the size chart provided to ensure that the coat fits. The coat fastens with snap buttons and is easy to take on or off. The material it’s made from is soft comfortable cotton, which is great to keep your dog warm. The material is thicker than it appears, and good quality. It’s not machine washable, it is hand-wash to keep the logo and buttons looking their best.




  • Fun design.
  • Variety of sizes and colors.
  • Cotton material.


Check the price of the Adidog Hoddy on Amazon



Ellie Dog Wear Raincoat With Legs


ellie wear dog raincoatellie wear dog raincoat


The Ellie Dog Wear Raincoat is a very bright yellow attractive dog coat, which has reflective buttons. The colour of the coat is good to stand out in the winter months when the weather is darker. The coat comes in four sizes: x-small, small, medium and x-large. The coat is double-layered and has a zip and buttons so you can fasten the coat with just the snap buttons if you don’t wish to use the zip.


ellie wear dog raincoat


It is completely water resistant, which is good to keep your dog dry in wet conditions. The hood on the coat can be removed and has an opening at the back which allows a lead or harness to be used. The product has been quality assured and is high quality in terms of the materials used. The coat only has front legs though. The back of the coat sits over the back of the dog. It is a very cute looking coat, which is also highly functional. It’s good for protecting the under-belly of a dog, from mud and puddles.


This lovely raincoat has a good 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and you can read what other customers have to say about it here.




  • Unique design.
  • Reflective buttons.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Double layered.
  • Water resistant.



Check the price of the Ellie Wear Dog Raincoat on Amazon


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