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Dog Beds For A Shih Tzu – Choose The Right One!

dog beds for shih tzu


forever friends shih tzu dog-bed
Best Choice For Dog Bed For A Shih Tzu – Forever Friends

If you are thinking about getting a dog bed for your Shih Tzu then you are in the right place.


In this article we will look at why you might need a dog bed for your Shih Tzu, why choosing the right bed is important, the types of beds available, and provide some reviews of our favorite beds.


After reviewing several dog beds our best choice award goes to the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed. It has an excellent quality human-grade foam mattress, is fur and hair resistant, has a non-slip bottom and is a great option for both healthy dogs and dogs that might suffer from joint or muscle problems. You can read our extended review here.


You can click on the link below to jump straight to our dog bed reviews but we would advise reading the rest of the article so you have a more informed opinion when choosing what bed you think is best for your dog.


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Dog Beds reviewed in this article:

Best Friends Friends Forever Blueberry Hollypet
shih tzu dog beds shih tzu dog beds shih tzu dog beds shih tzu dog beds
Type Orphopedic Donut Heavy Duty 2-in-1
Pros Human Grade Mattress
Machine Washable
Non-Slip Bottom
Head & Neck Support
Machine Washable
Water & Dirt Resistant Backing.
Durable Design
Variety Of Colors & Designs
Machine Washable
2-in-1 Foldable Design
Variety Of Colors & Designs
Machine Washable
Filled With High Elasticity Foam
Amazon Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 4 out of 5


Article Contents



Why Your Shih Tzu Might Need A Dog Bed


  • Provides insulation
  • A safe place
  • Helps cushion their joints and bones
  • Helps to keep your house cleaner
  • Helps minimize the risk of injury


Beds are very important in order to sleep comfortably and conveniently whether you are a human or a dog. Just as for humans, they are an important accessory for your dog and some thought should go into choosing the right one for your dog. This is because an uncomfortable bed can lead to a lot of complications and you want your Shih Tzu to be as comfortable as possible.


Just like for humans, having a bed means that there is insulation from the cold, good joint, and back support as well as a general good feeling.


Provides Insulation


In the absence of a dog bed, your Shih Tzu would have to sleep on the floor which would not really be comfortable for them. This is because the floor is a cold and hard place to sleep. This makes getting a dog bed for them very important as it provides them with insulation and helps them keep the cold at bay and will also allow them to have a good night’s sleep.


A Safe Place


Dogs are jovial, loyal, and cheery creatures but even they like having their privacy every once in a while. A dog bed helps them achieve this need for privacy and it also provides them with security. This will serve as their safe place, a sanctuary when there is the need to avoid all contact and be all alone. And as we all know dogs can be very territorial and a dog bed allows them to satisfy this instinct while sleeping as they’ll recognize this as “their space”.


Helps Cushion Their Joints And Bones


Dog beds also serve as a cushion for your dog. This is especially important for dogs that are advanced in age and have developed some form of arthritis or have put on weight. Special dog beds (referred to as orthopedic beds) exist for dogs that require more support for their joints than is considered normal. As well as old age your dog may injure themselves and require a soft place to rest.


Helps To Keep Your House Cleaner


Another advantage of having a dog bed for your Shih Tzu is that it helps to keep your house cleaner. This is because the bed will be the place where they will shed their hair which makes it easier for you to clean and get rid. Compare having one major location for collection of dog hairs to having to go all over the house collecting them.


Helps Minimize The Risk Of Injury


Dogs are known to be restless animals that are always on the move. This kind of attitude greatly increases their chances of picking up an injury. A dog bed minimizes this risk though as the dog will prefer this space to jump all over the house. This is especially true in the case of small breeds of dogs and those that are quite advanced in age.


Beds are very important if the health, comfort, and satisfaction of your dog matter to you. They rank just as high as dog collars, leashes, food, and feeding dishes.


Why The Right Bed Is Important For Your Shih Tzu


We choose our bed for a variety of reasons such as health, size, comfort, and price and these are the exact same considerations that have to be taken into account when buying a bed for your dog.


Age Of Your Shih Tzu


As already mentioned, older dogs need more support for their joints and bones and as such, special orthopedic beds should be provided for them. If your Shih Tzu is advanced in age, then, getting a special orthopedic bed is your best bet as this will provide more support and comfort that will help to reduce any pain or discomfort for your dog.


Health Of Your Shih Tzu


The health of your dog should also be taken into consideration. For instance, dogs with hip dysplasia are better served by a memory foam bed. This is because the particular type of foam has been specially designed to be effective in reducing pain and providing maximum comfort for dogs with this condition.


Buying the wrong dog bed for your Shih Tzu will provide just a little improvement (or none at all) over buying no bed at all. This is why it’s important that the right questions are asked and the right bed is chosen.



Types of Dog Beds


  • Standard Dog Beds
  • Donut Dog Beds
  • Travel Dog Beds
  • Nest Dog Beds
  • Raised Dog Beds
  • Covered Dog Beds
  • Heated Or Cooling Dog Beds
  • Kennel Dog Beds


There are a few types of different dog beds on the market that serve different purposes. Below we will cover the different types so you can make a more informed decision when choosing the best bed for your dog.


Standard Dog Beds


This is probably the most affordable type of dog bed. The standard dog bed resembles a large cushion but with more padding that is softer and more comfortable. The standard dog bed is your ideal bed for a big dog but is also suitable for a Shih Tzu. Options exist as to shape and size and most have covers that can be easily removed and washed.


Donut Dog Beds


Donut dog beds have a rim or edge around the outside. Like most dog beds, they are soft and comfortable. They come in round shapes and are suitable for young and small dogs that still possess a good amount of their youthful strength. Their rims are usually not high which makes it quite easy for the dog to jump out and jump in. These beds are especially suitable for a Shih Tzu.



Travel Dog Beds


Just as the name suggests, travel dog beds are ones with that you can take on a long journey. They are exactly like standard dog beds save for the fact that they can be folded or rolled up to save space. Travel dog beds are ideal for the frequent traveler who loves having their dog come with them on their journeys.


Nest Dog Beds


The nest dog bed is one of the most comfortable dog beds out there. This dog bed is especially suitable for your pup or for the small breeds of dogs as they can be comfortable to nestle in. The rim or edge of these beds usually goes all the way around the bed although there are instances where they only go around a part of the bed. Nest dog beds are the dog equivalent of the human couch.


Raised Dog Beds


These are the elite beds of the dog bed kingdom. They are quite expensive but totally worth it if you can spare the money. These beds, more than any other type of dog bed, resemble the human bed. They have all of their sides enclosed except for one and can be fitted with any type of mattress you like. You can choose from different options such as timber and metal.


Covered Dog Beds


These beds give the impression that you have a home for your dog inside your home. These beds are very comfortable. They are especially suitable for shy dogs that like hiding. They can be used by any type of dog.


Heated Or Cooling Dog Beds


Heated and cooling beds do exactly what you would expect. Dog breeds that overheat will be best served by a cooling bed that has the appearance of a mat even though they can be used by any breed. Heated beds, on the other hand, usually go hand in hand with orthopedic mattresses and are best for dogs that require such.


Kennel Dog Beds


Kennel dog beds, as their name suggests, are meant for use in your dog’s kennel. These kinds of beds transform the kennel from something that resembles a prison to one that resembles a home. They significantly increase the comfort, satisfaction, and safety of the kennel.



Best Dog Beds For A Shih Tzu – Reviews


Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed 


forever friends shih tzu dog-bed


best choiceThe Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed gets our best choice award. Its mattress is made human-grade memory foam so is perfect for dogs with any joint or muscle problems but is also perfectly comfortable for healthy dogs too. It has raised edges on 3 sides to give your dog a sense of security and satisfies their “territorial” instincts. The cover is removable and can be cleaned in a washing machine and dryer. It’s also fur and hair resistant and has a non-slip bottom. The bed has also received excellent reviews from other dog owners and is highly regarded in the dog-owning community.


forever friends orthopedic shih tzu dog bed


The Friends Forever Dog Bed has an excellent 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon from over 1,500 reviews and you can read the reviews for yourself here.


Bed Size: 20″ x 25″ x 5″.




  • Human grade mattress foam.
  • Water-resistant liner.
  • Machine washable cover.
  • Non-slip bottom.
  • Fur and hair resistant.
  • Anti-tear cover.


Check The Price On Amazon


Pickle & Polly Teepee/Tent Dog Bed


Pickle & Polly teepee dog bed

The Pickle and Polly Teepee Dog Bed is a stylish, comfortable, and durable dog bed that provides the perfect resting place for your Shih Tzu.


It features a medium-weight fabric finished with soft and luxurious materials for pet safety, as well as 100% pine poles that are free from chemicals.



Pickle & Polly teepee dog bed


The pillow also has several inches of high-grade fill weight material to provide superior comfort levels and swirled floret cover casing for complete coziness.


Furthermore, this dog bed is suitable for animals up to 25 pounds and its 300+ GSM weight machine washable fabrics make it capable of standing up to years of use.





  • Made from premium and safe materials.
  • Stylish design.
  • High-grade filler.
  • Durable.


Check The Price On Amazon


Best Friends Shag Donut Dog Bed


best friends shih tzu dog bed


The Best Friends Faux Shag Dog Bed is perfect for those dogs that like to snugly and curl up when they sleep. It has a raised rim that helps support the neck and head and gives your dog a sense of safety and security. It also has a soft filling that is good for dogs that have joint or muscle pain.


Due to the shag fur design, this bed is “self-warming” and will provide your dog with extra warmth as they sleep. This bed is suitable for being used in a washing machine and dryer and has a water and dirt-resistant backing.


best friends shih tzu dog bedbest friends shih tzu dog bed




  • The raised rim provides head and neck support.
  • Soft filling for joint and muscle pain relief.
  • Stylish faux shag fur.
  • Safe to use in the washer and dryer.
  • Water and dirt-resistant backing.


Check The Price On Amazon


Blueberry Heavy Duty Dog Bed


blueberry shih tzu dog bed


The Blueberry Heavy Duty Dog Bed is made from cotton, linen, and polyester blended fabric for extra durability. The bed is filled with soft recyclable and eco-friendly microfiber. It also has a stuffed edging giving your dog a sense of security and their “own space” when sleeping. The cover is removable and can be machine washed and used in a dryer for a deep clean. It also comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Please check out the link below to view all the different designs.


Bed Size (Small): External – 25″x 21″x 10″, Internal – 14″x 11.5″x 5.5″.

Weight: 6 Lbs; 




  • Durable design.
  • Stuffed bolster edging.
  • Filled with recyclable eco-friendly microfiber.
  • Linen is a natural material and environmentally friendly.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Variety of colors, designs, and sizes.


Check The Price On Amazon


Hollypet 2-in-1 Foldable Dog Bed


holypet shih tzu dog bed holypet shih tzu dog bed


The Hollypet 2-in-1 Dog Bed can function as both a “cave-like” space for your Shih Tzu and a normal open bed with a raised rim. It’s made from durable velvet fabric and filled with a high-elasticity foam providing warmth and comfort for your dog. It can be easily cleaned by hand and used in a washing machine or a dryer for a deeper cleaning. 


This bed has a 4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and you can read the reviews for yourself here.




  • 2-in-1 foldable design.
  • Durable plush coral velvet fabric.
  • Filled with high-elasticity foam that is soft and warm.
  • Machine washable.


Check The Price On Amazon


Siwa Mary Small Dog Bed with Attached Blanket


Siwa Mary Small Dog Bed 


The Siwa Mary Small Dog Bed is a good choice for a Shih Tzu owner.. It comes with a cozy, warm blanket hood which provides secure insulation and soothing comfort for your dog.


The interior is lined with ultra-soft short plush fabric, providing comfort and a sense of cave-like security. The exterior features stylish corn kernel-shaped grey plush that looks adorable.


Siwa Mary Small Dog Bed


The non-slip silicone dotting base makes sure the bed does not slide on hard floors and also offers a little water protection for accidents.


Additionally, it’s available in two sizes (23/26 inch) perfect for small-medium sized dogs/cats under 25/30lbs respectively. To make life easier, this dog bed can be machine washed in cold water and air dried when needed without degrading its quality or look over time.




  • Comes with an attached blanket.
  • Help with anxiety.
  • Deep-fill ultra-soft cotton.
  • Non-slip base.
  • Machine washable.


Check The Price On Amazon


K&H Heated Dog Bed


k and h heated dog bed


The K&H heated dog bed is an excellent choice for dog owners looking to give their dog comfort and warmth.


The soft walls of this bed provide security and comfort, while a removable 4-watt heater ensures that the sleeping surface of the bed remains at your dog’s normal body temperature.

heated dog bed


Additionally, this heated dog bed is completely machine washable – simply remove the heater and toss it into the washer for easy cleaning.


Safety-wise, K&H makes sure to test and certify all their products according to USA/CA electrical safety standards, ensuring that you can trust any product you buy from them.


Furthermore, with its removable heater feature, this bed works as an all-season option so your Shih Tzu can have a warm or cool place to sleep year-round.




  • 4-watt removable heater.
  • Thermostatically controlled for optimum temperature.
  • Machine washable.
  • Certified by MET.
  • Exceeds USA electrical safety standards.


Check The Price On Amazon


Bedsure Orthopedic Small Dog Bed


bedsure Orthopedic Small Dog Bed


The Bedsure orthopedic dog bed is an ideal solution for Shih Tzu owners who want to give their dogs the best possible comfort.


The orthopedic foam provides excellent joint support and helps distribute weight evenly, while the four-sided bolster design gives your pet plenty of cozy positions to curl up in. On top of that, it’s waterproof and easy to care for with its removable cover that can be easily machine washed.


bedsure Orthopedic Small Dog Bed


And with over 15000 5-star reviews already given, this bed is definitely a favorite. Not only does it provide superior comfort and support, but the materials are also CertiPUR-US certified so you don’t have to worry about any safety concerns.


It even has a non-skid bottom which keeps the bed from slipping or sliding around too much on smooth surfaces. All in all, this bed is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable sleeping option for your Shih Tzu!


bedsure Orthopedic Small Dog Bed





  • Orthopedic support.
  • High-density foam.
  • 4-sided support.
  • Waterproof.
  • Removable cover.
  • Non-skid bottom.
  • Machine washable.


Check The Price On Amazon


Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed


best pet supplies dog bed


This dog bed from Best Pet Supplies is another great cave-like bed for your Shih Tzu. It’s made of faux suede, linen, or corduroy and lined with a soft poly foam making it super comfortable for your dog.


The good range of colors makes it suitable for any home decor and its dimensions (16 x 16 x 14 inches) create a cozy room that gives your dog a touch of privacy while also providing them with security.


best pet supplies dog bed


Plus, the tent is machine washable without stretching out of shape which makes maintenance easy. It won’t collapse easily like other tents, has an anti-skid base to keep it in place, can be quickly assembled and disassembled when needed, and comes in multiple sizes to perfectly fit every type of dog size.




  • Soft poly-foam lining.
  • Stylish design.
  • Cave-like sense of security.
  • Machine washable.


Check The Price On Amazon


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