Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls – Reviews and Buying Guide

slow feed dog bowl

[addthis tool=”addthis_inline_share_toolbox”]   Let’s be honest, everyone wants their dogs to have healthy eating habits, and eating food too quickly can be dangerous for dogs. Not only can they choke but the chances that they will develop bloating also increase with fast eating.   However, you don’t have to worry about this problem if you get them a slow-feed dog…

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Best Food For Shih Tzu With Allergies – Health Guide

dog food for shih tzu with allergies

SHIH TZU 4U A Blog For All Things Shih Tzu Home | Blog | About | Contact Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu With Allergies If your Shih Tzu suffers from allergies and you have decided to change the food they eat to help relieve their symptoms then this article is for you.   Our best choice of dog food…

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Best Food For A Shih Tzu’s Coat – How To Choose The Best Food

dog food

  This article will provide information on what is the best food to feed your Shih Tzu to improve the health and quality of their coat. Just as with us humans, our diet is extremely important for all areas of our health and your dog’s coat is no exception.   We will look into the necessary nutrients to keep your…

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Best Wet Food For A Shih Tzu – Ultimate Guide!

best wet dog food for shih tzu

  As a loving Shih Tzu owner, you want to ensure that your dog is receiving the best nutrition possible. While dry food may be a staple for some dogs, wet food can provide a variety of benefits such as higher moisture content, better palatability, and easier digestion. With so many wet food options available, it can be overwhelming to…

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Can I Give My Shih Tzu Human Vitamins & Supplements?

dog vitamins

  What Vitamins & Supplements Should I Give My Shih Tzu?     So can you give your dog human vitamins? We are both mammals? They must need the same vitamins we do right?   It would be reasonable to assume that it’s perfectly fine to give your dog the same vitamin supplements that you have in your cupboard at…

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Shih Tzu Food List – What They Can And Can’t Eat

Shih tzu food list

  We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat”. There’s a lot of truth in that, not just for humans, but for dogs too. Our diet gives us the building blocks we need to have a healthy body and mind.   A dog with a good diet will have a longer, happier and more comfortable life, as well…

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Best Food For A Shih Tzu With A Sensitive Stomach | Health Guide

shih tzu dog food sensitive stomach

  Best Food For A Shih Tzu With A Sensitive Stomach   If you own a Shih Tzu then I’m sure you’re already aware that our beloved breed is susceptible to an upset tummy and knowing the best food for a Shih Tzu with a sensitive stomach is very important.   This post is specifically for anyone who owns a…

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Dog Bowls For Flat Faced Dogs – How To Choose The Right One

dog bowls flat faced dogs

    If you have a flat-faced dog (known as a brachycephalic breed), you may have noticed that normal dog bowls can cause some problems during mealtimes. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of specially designed bowls for flat-faced dogs.   In this article, we will discuss why normal dog bowls can cause problems for flat-faced dogs, why…

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Royal Canin Dog Food For Specific Breeds & Ages

royal canin dog food

[addthis tool=”addthis_inline_share_toolbox”]   One of the most reputable dog food brands is Royal Canin. They have an extensive range of products catering to different breeds, ages and sizes. They have researched breed-specific traits and use the latest scientific and nutritional research, gathered from veterinarians and nutritionists, to create the precise nutrition your dog needs. They use high-quality protein sources, specific…

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