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Can A Shih Tzu Eat Green Beans?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to feed your Shih Tzu Green Beans. Green Beans contain some vital nutrients that can be a healthy addition to your dog’s diet. However, green beans should only be fed in moderation as there are some health problems associated with excessive eating.


In this blog, you’ll learn about the benefits and potential problems of feeding your dog green beans and also how to incorporate them into their diet.

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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Shih Tzu Green Beans?

Green beans can be a great addition to your Shih Tzu’s diet. Not only are they low in calories, but they also provide a wide array of vitamins and minerals that help keep your dog healthy.


Green beans contain dietary fiber which aids in digestion, vitamin K which helps with blood clotting, carotenoids that can boost immune system functioning, phenolic compounds that have antioxidant properties and benefit the cardiovascular system and thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin which help promote metabolic rate.


Not to mention the fact that green beans are also rich in iron determining hemoglobin levels in your dog’s bloodstream.


Feeding green beans to your dog might sound silly at first but it is definitely worth giving it a try considering the many health benefits it provides.

Potential Problems Of Feeding Your Shih Tzu Green Beans

Feeding green beans to dogs can be a great treat in moderation. However, there is potential for problems if fed in excess.


Green beans are high in fiber, so an excessive amount could lead to gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, gas, and vomiting.


Additionally, too much could lead to difficulty in taking in the necessary nutrients your dog needs which are essential for their health and well-being.


For this reason, it’s important that any extra nutrition fed as treats comes in moderation and with careful consideration of the possible consequences.

Healthy Vegetable Treats For Dogs

It’s perfectly fine to feed your dog fresh celery but some dog owners prefer to opt for dried treats instead. They are less messy and can be beneficial when training your dog.


If you do opt for dried treats, ensure they are a healthy option with no added sugar, preservatives, or additives.


There are many options available on Amazon that can be delivered straight to your door.

How To Add Green Beans To Your Shih Tzu's Diet

Green beans can be a tasty and nutritious addition to your dog’s diet.


If you have fresh green beans, you can chop them into small pieces and feed them directly to your dog.


Canned green beans are also a great option – these usually come in brine, so don’t forget to rinse them before giving any to your dog.


If your dog doesn’t seem interested on their own, consider adding them to their kibble or mixed in with their wet food – some dogs love the crunch that green beans can provide.


No matter how you serve them, make sure there are no seasonings or sauces on the green beans – these should just be plain.

green beans

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Serving Size - How Many Green Beans Should I Feed My Shih Tzu?

The correct serving size for a small dog of green beans is surprisingly small.


Generally, a serving size for a small dog should be about one teaspoon of cooked green beans.


It’s important not to give too much, as green beans can cause intestinal distress in dogs if fed in excessive amounts.


For optimal nutritional benefit, the best option is to feed your dog fresh green beans that have been cooked. This will ensure both maximum nutrition and minimal risk of any adverse effects.

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Green beans are often recommended for overweight dogs as a nutritious low-calorie alternative to other treats. They are a good source of vitamins K and C, as well as fiber which can help keep your dog’s digestive system regular.


But while green beans can be beneficial in helping a dog slim down, they should not be the only thing they eat.


Eating nothing but green beans could actually lead to nutritional deficiencies, such as anemia or lack of essential fat-soluble vitamins.


Additionally, too many green beans may cause gas, diarrhea, and vomiting due to the high levels of insoluble fiber.


If you decide to feed your Shih Tzu green beans it is important to not overfeed them and always monitor their health closely for any potential adverse reactions.


IMPORTANT – Always consult your vet before adding new foods to your dog’s diet.

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