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Can A Shih Tzu Eat Blueberries?

Yes, your Shih Tzu can eat Blueberries. They are naturally low in sugar and packed with antioxidants, making them a healthier selection than many traditional highly processed, and unhealthy treats on the market. However, as with all human foods, it’s important not to overfeed your pup – stick to one or two as an occasional snack or sprinkle them into their kibble.


Make sure you’re either choosing organically-grown berries that haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals or have been thoroughly rinsed with water.


Lastly, remember that dogs digest food differently than humans – high amounts of blueberries could cause stomach upset, so always monitor how your dog responds after feeding them.

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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Shih Tzu Blueberries?

Feeding your Shih Tzu blueberries can be a healthy way to give them a nutritious snack. Blueberries provide many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant for your dog’s overall well-being.


Blueberries also contain dietary fiber which can help keep the digestive system in check and minimize the chance of constipation or stomach upset.


As a bonus, the antioxidants found in blueberries may even help promote healthier skin and coats for your furry friend. So if you want to treat your dog to something special and add some nutrients to their diet, this is a great option!

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Potential Dangers Of Feeding Your Shih Tzu Blueberries?

Feeding your dog blueberries can be a great way to treat them, especially since the small berry is packed with numerous health benefits. Blueberries are very high in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and fiber. However, there are some potential downsides that you should consider.


Too many blueberries can lead to digestive upset or excess gas, which could lead to diarrhea or vomiting. Some dogs may also develop allergies from eating blueberries as well as other fruits and vegetables.


If you think your Shih Tzu might have an allergy problem then you might like to read our article: The Best Dog Food For A Shih Tzu With Allergies.


It’s important therefore to feed blueberries in moderation so that both you and your dog get all the benefits without any of the risks!

How To Add Blueberries To Your Shih Tzu's Diet

You can incorporate blueberries in various ways into your dog’s diet, such as mixing freshly picked berries into their kibble, adding chopped or mashed blueberries to homemade goodies such as muffins, or adding the freeze-dried blueberry powder to your furry friend’s meals for an extra nutrition boost.

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If you have time, you can even make icy treats out of pureed fruit and frozen yogurt for a light summer snack. Whatever method you choose, be sure not to overfeed your pup. Moderation is key with adding any new kind of food into the mix!

Healthy Blueberry Dog Treats

It’s perfectly fine to feed your dog raw blueberries but some dog owners prefer to opt for dried treats instead. They are less messy and can be beneficial when training your dog.



If you do opt for dried blueberry treats make sure you check they are a healthy option with no added sugar, preservatives, or additives.


There are many options available on Amazon that can be delivered straight to your door.

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Serving Size - How Many Blueberries Should I Feed My Shih Tzu?

When it comes to feeding blueberries to your Shih Tzu, portion size is key. Although blueberries are very nutritious they should be offered in moderation.


A suggested serving size of fresh blueberries for a small dog would be 1 tablespoon per 10 pounds of body weight.


To prevent digestive upset or pancreatitis, split the amount into two servings per day with at least 12 hours in between each one.


IMPORTANT – As always, consult your veterinarian before adding any new food item to your pet’s diet.

For more information about what foods in general are healthy for your Shih Tzu, you might like to read our article: Shih Tzu Food List


Feeding your dog blueberries is a nutritious way of boosting their diet with an antioxidant-rich snack. This will support the overall health of your pup, as it can protect cells from free radicals and harmful toxins. It can also help detoxify the body, improve digestion, and keep bones healthy.


However, moderation should be exercised when feeding blueberries to your dog as too many can cause mild stomach upset or a decrease in iron absorption.


Additionally, dogs are prone to allergies and it is important to observe any reactions they may have when eating blueberries to prevent further complications.


All in all, offering occasional treats of blueberries is beneficial to supporting the general health of your pet but make sure these sweet treats are given in moderation so that more harm than good doesn’t come of them!

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