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Best Dog Drying Coats – What You Need To Know

dog drying coat

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dog drying coat
Best Choice Dog Drying Coat – Ruff & Tumble

If you’re a dog owner, you may have a dog who adores splashing and swimming in water, it could be a crucial part to their daily walks. Your dog may not love water, but inevitably your dog will get wet!


Dog drying coats come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, colours and patterns. You may feel overwhelmed about where to start to choose a drying coat for your dog. This article will help you. You’ll learn why it’s a good idea to use a drying coat over a towel, what to look for in a good quality coat and we’ll also provide some reviews of the best coats on the market.


We have selected three coats that we think you’ll like but our best choice award goes to the Ruff & Tumble Dog Drying Coat. It’s double layered, machine washable and comes in a variety or sizes and colors. You can read our extended review here.


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Perhaps your dog has regular hydrotherapy for a chronic condition, or rehabilitation from an injury and is wet after time in the pool. Or, it could simply be that you’ve bathed your dog. There are many reasons why your dog could be wet and would benefit from being dried.


If you don’t help to dry your dog, they’re likely to do their best to dry themselves by shaking the excess water off their fur, around your house. If they have been swimming in a dirty muddy stream, this may also mean mud splashes up your wall-paper or paintwork!


Ruff & Tumble Arcadian Zaote
harness for small dog harness for small dog harness for small dog
Double Layered
Machine Washable
Pros Double Thickness
Long Neck
Double Layered
Microfibre Absorbant Material
Adjustable Fastening
Makes Dog Look Like Jedi
Amazon Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5 4.4 out of 5







Why Use A Dog Drying Coat


You may wonder why you should use a drying coat for your dog? Is it just a gimmick? Can’t you just use a towel? Well, you can, of course, use a towel, but there are lots of reasons discussed in this article for why a drying coat is a much better option than an ordinary towel. This article will also give you good hints and tips about the things to look out for in a good dog drying coat; then will follow up with three examples and a discussion of their various benefits.


Some dogs love going into water like streams, or the sea when out for a walk; at other times the rainy weather will cause your dog to become wet, or you may simply have bathed your dog. Most pet owners aren’t keen on the wet-dog smell and don’t want their pet shaking water and mud all over the house or your car or rubbing themselves against furniture to dry off. This can be prevented by having your dog wear its own drying coat, which is like a canine version of a bathrobe or dressing-gown. A dog drying coat will make your dog warmer after it’s been in the water and will dry its fur.


You can attempt to dry your dog using a towel, but any dog-owner of even well-behaved dogs knows that it’s no mean feat to achieve this successfully. Most dogs aren’t keen to be towel dried, and move and wiggle about, getting wet paw prints everywhere, trying to shake themselves, some want to play tug with the towel, and it can take quite a considerable amount of time with the towel trying to get them dried to a suitable level, but then they’re often still damp.


best dog drying coat


Some pet owners enjoy their dogs having outfits and some dogs really enjoy wearing them too; this is another great reason to have a drying coat, it’s another outfit for your dog to give them their own distinctive style.


If you’ve been out for a wet walk, it can be horrible to see your beloved dog cold and shivering in the back of your car until you get home. When a dog is wet, their body temperature will drop. By using a drying coat, you can put this on them to warm them up and dry them right away; it will maintain your dog’s temperature and keep them warm. 



Why A Dog Drying Coat Is Better Than A Towel


  1. Dog drying coats are simply more effective than an ordinary towel!
  2. They’ll keep your dog warmer and dry them quicker than a towel.
  3. They come in varying sizes, which can be adjusted, which means you can get a snug fit for your dog.
  4. They fit close to your dog’s body, which means its easier than trying to get your dog to stay still whilst you
  5. dry them with a towel; it also offers your pet freedom of movement whilst they dry off.
  6. They look smart
  7. They can be easily washed in the washing machine to keep clean and fresh.
  8. They’re easy to put on or take off your dog.
  9. They’re thicker and more absorbent than a towel.
  10. There’s a variety of styles with straps or wrap-around sections.
  11. Some dog drying coats may contain an inner fleece layer, for extra warmth.


top tip dog drying coat



What To Look For In A Good Dog Drying Coat


You will have your own considerations here, depending on what is the most important to you. But, things you may want to take into account include:


Absorbent Material


The fabric of the dog-coat needs to be absorbent to soak up the wetness from your dog’s fur. Absorbent materials can include a cotton towelling mix; microfibre or bamboo fibre. A bamboo material can also be hypoallergenic, which can be beneficial if your dog has any skin issues or allergies. Having a coat made of natural fibres may be important to you.


A Double-Layer


Some coats can have a very absorbent layer closest to your dog’s body; and a second layer which stops the moisture soaking back onto your dog. If the coat retains water, the more effective it will be to dry your dog.


Indoor or Outdoor coat?


What is more important to you here? Are you wanting a coat that acts as a warm jacket for outdoor walks? Or more of an indoor drying coat/robe once your dog has returned from an outside wet walk?




The size of the dog-drying coat is essential to get right. Ensure it is large enough to fit comfortably, but tight enough to be snug and warming.  Look for things such as length, height, and read reviews about how it fits round tummies and necks.




You know your dog best, and what they’ll tolerate in the way of straps, fastenings etc. Some dog coats need to be pulled over your dog’s head which some pets aren’t keen on. If this is the case, look for a coat that fastens around, rather than being pulled on.  Some robes may hang loose and may not give the snug fit you’d been hoping for. Is the material of the desired thickness? The colour and pattern on the dog drying coat may hold real appeal to you and offer your dog its own style; but remember a pattern or colour is probably of secondary concern, compared to the practicalities of how well it does its job of drying your dog. You may find straps, zips and fasteners too complicated to get onto a boisterous dog, so having a coat that has easy-to-use Velcro fastenings or a wrap-around design could be the choice for you. Some coats can have a dual purpose and can be wet in the summer months to wrap around your dog in the very hot days to cool them down.




Some dog drying coats contain antibacterial properties, which prevents so much wet dog smell.



The Best Dog Drying Coats – Reviews


Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat


ruff and tumble dog drying coat

best choiceThe Ruff & Tumble Dog Drying Coat comes in 12 different sizes, so you’re sure to find the correct sized coat to fit your dog. It also comes in 4 different colours: red: heather, light blue and green. Its material is cotton towelling, with a double-thickness, which makes this highly effective at drying your dog and keeping them dry.


The coat makes it very quick to dry a wet or muddy dog and is very easy to put on and remove from your dog. There’s an adjustable hood area on the coat, which can be used to dry wet ears. You’re also able to wash and freshen the coat with ease in a washing machine and can tumble-dry it after.


This coat has an excellent 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and you can read the reviews here.


The coat needs to be slipped over your dog’s head, with the seam aligned with their spine. There’s a flap that attaches under your dog’s stomach, with Velcro, which makes it perfect for both slender and chubby dogs. The coat doesn’t restrict your dog’s movements; they can still jump about and lay down in comfort.


ruff and tumble dog drying coat


Dogs are snug and warm after wearing it, and some dogs may snuggle up and fall asleep. It’s very well made and dries dogs within 30 mins; dogs are able to wander around the house without making a mess in the meantime. Owners have suggested that some dogs have not been enthusiastic about wearing it the first time, but once they’ve worn it 2-3 times they absolutely love it and expect to wear it as part of their after-walk routine.


Check Price of Ruff & Tumble Dog Drying Coat on Amazon




Arcadian Dog Drying Coat


arcadian dog coat dryer


The Arcadian Dog Drying Coat coat comes in 5 sizes, with an extra-small size coming soon (suitable for teacup Yorkie’s and Chihuahuas). The robe has a quick release catch at the end of an adjustable strap which ensures a snug fit for your dog. The fact it doesn’t have Velcro fasteners can be a bonus if you find that Velcro can attract various debris and muck. Its collar can be used as a collar or a hood, and the hood can be tightened so it doesn’t flop around.


The products have been tested on different breeds of dogs to ensure that the sizes fit. The company has a strong ethos of customer service with knowledgeable canine experts who will do their utmost to help you with any queries. The company also strives to constantly improve its products based on customer feedback.


This product has an excellent 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and you can read the reviews here.

This drying coat comes in 4 colours: purple, light blue, green and pink. Its microfibre fabric is very lightweight, but super absorbent and can retain more water than cotton. It dries quickly and is antibacterial. It definitely reduces the spray from when wet dogs shake themselves. It can hold 8 times its own weight in water, and 4 times more water than cotton. Ideal for keeping dogs warm, dry and cosy after outdoor wet walks.


arcadian dog coat dryer


It’s easy to use and fasten with an adjustable clip under your dog’s stomach. The neck area also has an adjustable tie to make it more secure. It’s comfortable for dogs to wear without restricting their movement. The microfibre material is long lasting and very soft. You can put the drying coat in the washing machine and tumble-dryer.


The company is confident in its product and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. It can be a really useful purchase for dog owners with less mobility, for example, an elderly person, a person with back issues, or a person with a disability who is not easily able to bend down to dry their dog.  If your dog is on the chunkier side, it may be worth considering a large size, to ensure the stomach fastener fits around your dog’s stomach.


Check the price of the Arcadian Dog Drying Coat on Amazon



Zaote Microfibre Dog Bathrobe


zaote dog bathrobe


The Zaote Dog Bathrobe is made from ultra-fine microfibre. It comes in 5 sizes and 2 colours – brown and blue. It’s an attractive comfy looking drying coat, which looks soft and fleece-like with a black trim and black paw-print design. It wraps around a dog with a Velcro fastening and also has a tie to keep it in place around the body. The material used makes it perfect for absorbing wetness. The adjustable belt means it can be suited for all sizes of dogs.


It’s very easy to put on and remove from your pet. It’s machine washable, but it’s advised that you dry in the air or sun, and do not put it in a tumble-dryer and do not use fabric softener either. Customers who have purchased the brown version, think it makes their dog look a bit like a Jedi! The blue version has been described as their dog looking like Rocky! The hood aspect though is practical for drying the dog’s face and ears.


This product has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and you can check the reviews here.


Zaote dog bathrobe


Check the price of the Zaote Dog Bathrobe on Amazon


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