Best Car Seat For A Shih Tzu – Keep Your Dog Safe & Comfortable

dog car seat for small dogs

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best shih tzu car seat
Best Choice For Shih Tzu Car Seat – K & H


So you are looking for a car seat for your Shih Tzu? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will look into why you should use a car seat, how they keep your dog safe and comfortable, what you should look for when purchasing a seat and finally provide some reviews and recommendations of the best car seats for a Shih Tzu on the market.


After reviewing several car sears for dogs we have given our best choice award to The K & H Dog Booster Car Seat. It will provide excellent safety and comfort for your Shih Tzu, has a weight capacity of 36 pounds, is easy to install, comes in two sizes, and is very well regarded in the dog owning community. You can read our extended review here.


Seats Reviewed In This Article:



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Car Seats For A Shih Tzu – Safety First


Whether you’re picking out new toys for your dog, trying out a new type of food, or taking them on a road trip, their safety and well-being are always your number one concern. You keep your dog safe at home, so it’s important that you take measures to keep them safe when you’re on the go.


Going for a drive with your Shih Tzu can cause a number of concerns, particularly if your dog is younger or perhaps has a bit of anxiety about being in a car. Some dogs race for the door when they hear the jingle of your keys, while others may bolt for the nearest hiding place.


It’s therefore important to make sure your dog and your family are comfortable and safe when you go for a drive and a car seat for your dog will help with this.



Why Use A Car Seat For Your Dog?


dog in car seatFor so many years we’ve all been guilty of just letting our dogs roam all over the backseat, climb into the front seat, stick their heads out of the window or try to jump out of an open window. Many dogs generally act like they are when they are at home in the living room. This isn’t exactly the safest method, for your dog or for the driver.


We can all agree that the human passengers should be safely secured in the car when it’s moving, but how much thought have you given to ensuring that your dog doesn’t become a projectile in the event of an accident?


Even if your dog is sitting quietly in the back seat, they may not be able to steady themselves if you need to suddenly slam on the brakes. This can put your dog at risk for back trauma, and a serious head or neck injury. Remember that car safety features are actually designed to consider the body position and the weight of humans, not dogs.


Another danger to consider is that an excitable dog may actually interfere with your ability to drive safely. Even a small dog can get in the way of being able to drive safely. Whether he’s a petite Yorkie or a hefty Labrador, when your dog is interfering with your driving by climbing up front or trying to climb onto your lap, it’s going to pose a danger to all involved.


There are several ways to control your environment when you’re on the road with your dog. A car seat will help to keep your dog safe, while also protecting every other member in the family.


top tip dog car seat



How Can Dog Car Seats Keep Your Shih Tzu Safe?


  • A Car Seat Is A Better Option For Small Dogs.
  • Provides a comfortable place for your dog to sit.
  • Restricts your dog from moving around.
  • Keeps your dog secure in the event of an accident.


There are generally two types of restraints for dogs in a car. A seat belt harness and a car seat. The seat belt harness is a great option for the larger dog and will help to keep a bigger dog secured when you’re on the go.


The dog car seat is a better option for the smaller and medium-sized dog.


Dog car seats are designed to offer a comfortable place for your dog to settle down when on a car ride, while still benefiting from the safety and security that the vehicle’s seat belt can provide. It is, in design, quite similar to what you’d see being used to keep a child secure in a car.


While secured in their car seat, your Shih Tzu won’t be able to roam the back seat and become a distraction for you. He’ll be able to sit comfortably, in a plush car seat all of his own. This added safety feature alone is enough to make anyone want to invest in a dog car.


When combined with a safety harness, a dog car seat will also help to keep your dog from becoming a projectile in the event of an accident or needing to slam on your brakes.



Keeping Your Dog Happy And Comfortable


shih tzu car seatA car seat will certainly help to keep your dog safe in the car, but it can also help with a number of other concerns that you may face with your dog. Many dogs have a lot of fear and anxiety about being in the car.


Sometimes it’s because they’ve had a bad experience in the car before, but sometimes it’s also because some dogs are more prone to nerves and general anxiety.


Not only will a car seat help to give them a spot that is all his own, but it can help to reassure them that they are safe and snug. Dogs often retreat to corners, their beds or to their crates when they feel unsure or anxious.


If they have a spot that is all their own, they’ll be able to better deal with any type of uncertainty. Keep a favorite blanket with him when he’s secured in his car seat, and he’ll feel much more at home.


Another great consideration for small dogs is that their car seat can give them an elevated view of their surroundings. Our big dogs can just sit up and see out the window with no problem.


But a smaller dog gets an uninspiring view of the car door interior when they attempt to take in the scenery. Their car seat will elevate their view and may even help to stave off any potential for car sickness.



What To Look For In A Good Dog Car Seat?


  • Type of seat.
  • Size of the seat.
  • The height of the seat.
  • Consider the model of your car.
  • Is the seat comfortable for your dog?
  • The material of the seat.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Includes a safety harness?


There is a huge variety of options for dog car seats, so how do you narrow down your choices to select the one that’ll work best for you and your dog? Clearly, the most important factor when choosing a car seat for your dog is going to be their safety. There are a number of other considerations to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for this must-have addition to your vehicle.


Type Of Dog Seat


Consider the type of car seat. Keep in mind that a car seat is not the same thing as a booster seat or a seat belt harness. A seat belt harness, or a hammock style seat, is often the better option for a large breed dog, while small and medium dog breeds tend to prefer the boosters or car seat. The booster seat restrains the dog and allows him to see out of the window, but doesn’t offer the plush comfort for your dog to enjoy on longer journeys.


Size Of Dog Seat


The size of the car seat is an important consideration. A seat that is too small for your dog, even your petite pup, will simply be uncomfortable for them and they’re unlikely to enjoy the journey very much.


On the flip side of this, a seat that is too big for your dog is going to make it a challenge to properly secure them when the vehicle is moving. Think about their dog bed at home. Is it the right size for them? Look for a car seat that is a similar size.


Height Of Dog Seat


The height of the seat is a good idea to keep in mind when you’re shopping all of your options. Remember that their car seat won’t just keep them elevated so they can feel more involved with the family in the car.


The elevated seat will give them a good view of the outside world. Dogs that are prone to car sickness can be comforted by seeing the outside when the car is in motion.


The Model Of Your Car


Give some thought to the model of your car. As is the case with a child’s car seat, not every seat is going to prove to be compatible with every car. It’s important to make sure that the seat you pick is going to be a good fit for the seat type and the restraints that are in your car.


Is The Seat Comfortable For Your Dog?


Is the car seat going to be comfortable for your dog? If your dog is uncomfortable then they are much more likely to start to fidget and get agitated. A comfortable dog is going to be a happy dog.


An unhappy dog is going to whine, bark, and generally be a distraction. This is especially important to consider if you take a lot of long journeys. It’s not fair on your pup to be uncomfortable for an extended period of time.


Material Of The Seat


Bearing this in mind, look for a car seat that has plenty of comfortable padding on it, and offers the space they need to spread out a bit. The cover of the car seat should also be made of durable materials, and it might need to stand up to a bit of scratching and overall abuse at the paws of your pup.


Ease Of Cleaning


Can the cover of the car seat be removed? Is the base of the car seat waterproof? This might become more of an issue for you if you have to deal with a dog that is prone to car sickness or the anxious loss of bladder control.


If you can remove the cover easily, run it through the washing machine and replace it fresh for your next road trip, you’ll feel a lot better about your choice in a car seat. That visit to the beach will just be so much better if you don’t need to worry about washing the entire car seat when you get home.


Does The Seat Include A Safety Harness?


Does the car seat come with a safety harness? If it doesn’t include one, then consider looking for a seat that is compatible with a safety harness. The safety harness won’t make them feel uncomfortable if it’s the right size and you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Be sure to take your dog’s petite size into consideration so that they’re not stuck with a harness that they can wiggle out of while you’re on the road.


The harness will keep them anchored and secured for their own safety during the car ride. Never attach your dog’s restraints in the car to their collar. If they fall or jump out, this could lead to a terrible accident and loss of life.


Car-safe harnesses distribute the pressure across the shoulders of your dog, rather than directly against their neck. This won’t feel comfortable if they fall, but it definitely won’t kill them.


Other Considerations


Shih tzu sitting in car seatYou could opt for a closed dog carrier if you don’t think that your dog will sit well in a car seat right away. You can use it to gradually get your dog used to sitting in the car in one spot. Keep their favorite blanket or toy in the car and then move it to the cat seat once you think they are comfortable with being in the seat.


Be sure that you keep your dog in the back seat when you’re in the car. Not only does this reduce the risks of them jumping onto your lap, but the front seat can prove to be dangerous due to the airbag. A small dog can potentially be hurt or even killed by the deployment of an airbag.


Most dogs adjust well to sitting in a car seat, especially if they have that familiar item with them to help mark it as their own space. Even the most laid-back dog is going to be somewhat territorial, so it’ll make it that much better if they have their very own assigned place in the car.


Keep this in mind if you have more than one small dog. Each dog should have his own car seat and should be placed securely into his own seat for every journey.


Using a dog car seat is quite safe, and of course, brings with it a number of safety benefits for your dog. Keeping them safe and comfortable, while also ensuring that they’re not a problem while you’re on the road and will make sure that the whole family enjoys road trips and summer vacations just that much more.


Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be patient with your dog as they learn to adjust to his new seat.



What Is The Best Car Seat For A Shih Tzu? – Reviews


1. K & H Booster Dog Car Seat


small dog car seat


best choiceThe K & H Dog Booster Car Seat gets our best choice award. It provides safety and comfort for your dog and has been extremely well received by the dog-owning community and has been given the Amazon Choice award in the “booster seat for dogs” category. It is made from a quilted interior for maximum comfort for your dog and a durable exterior allowing for wear and tear and easy cleaning.  Its design allows your dog to be elevated in the car to give a nice view as you are driving that will give them a more pleasant journey but also help to keep them calm and relaxed. 


k and h dog car seat


Unlike some child car seats, it’s extremely easy to instal in your car and just as easy to remove. For extra safety, it includes two adjustable leashes to keep one or two dogs secured while you are driving. This seat comes in two sizes, two colors and can be fitted in both the front and rear seats of your car. The small size can fit one small dog and the medium size can hold two small dogs or one medium size dog. 


The K & H car seat has an excellent 4.9 out of 5-star rating on and you can read what other customers have to say about this product here.


Size: 20″ x 15″ x 20″.

Weight Capacity: 36 lbs.

Colors: Tan/Gray.




  • Elevates your dog for a better view.
  • Keeps your dog secured while driving.
  • Can be used in front or back seat.
  • Comes with a removable machine washable cover.
  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable safety leash.



Check the price of the K & H Dog Car Seat on

Check the price of the K & H Dog Car Seat on Amazon



2. Kurgo Skybox Car Seat For Dogs


kurgo dog car seat


The Kurgo Dog Car Seat came a very close second and, to be honest, there was not much between this seat and the K & H Seat. The best feature of this car seat is the reinforced steel frame giving extra durability and safety. As with the other seats, it will give your dog a window view that will help with keeping them calm and relaxed and also make it a more pleasant journey for them. It comes with a waterproof exterior and a washable liner meaning it can take a bit of wear and tear and also be kept clean.


kurgo dog car seat


There is no assembly required with this seat and it can be easily installed in both the front and back seat. It’s also collapsible which is great for storage when it’s not being used. It has an adjustable seat belt tether that can be easily attached to a harness, providing that extra security for your dog. The seat can hold up to 30 pounds and comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.


Size: 12″ x 16″ x 8″.

Weight Capacity: 30 lbs.


Video Review For The Kurgo Dog Car Seat:


The Kurgo dog seat has an rating of 4.6 out 5 and you can read what other customers had to say about this product here.




  • Gives your dog an elevated window view.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to instal.
  • Removable liner.
  • Metal support for extra durability and safety.
  • Includes a seat belt for your dog.
  • Can hold up to 30 lbs.
  • Lifetime warranty.


Check the price of the Kurgo Dog Car Seat on

Check the price of the Kurgo Dog Car Seat on Amazon



3. Solvit PetSafe Dog Car Seat


solvit petsafe dog car seatsolvit petsafe dog car seat


The Solvit PetSafe Car Seat has a unique design that is a bit different from the other seats reviewed in this article. It has an internal frame and a strap that allows you to hang the seat from the headrest. This gives extra support and allows you to provide your dog with a good window view helping them to stay calm and relaxed while you’re driving. Due to its design, it’s quick and easy to instal and simply requires you to adjust the strap to your desired length and then hang it over the headrest.


solvit petcare dog car seat


It’s made from an external polyester material with a fleece lining allowing for some wear and tear while also keeping your dog comfortable. The lining can be removed and is machine washable making this seat easy to keep clean. Compared to the other seats we have reviewed this one only has a weight capacity of 10 pounds meaning it’s only suitable for smaller dogs. And also be aware you will need a headrest to use this seat.


This seat is a good option if you have a particularly small dog and are on a budget.


Size: 14″ x 12″ x 8″.

Weight Capacity: 10 lbs.


The Solvit PetSafe car seat has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on and you can read the reviews for yourself here.




  • Unique design (support from below).
  • Internal frame for support and safety.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Adjustable headrest straps.
  • Durable and comfortable materials.
  • Removable and washable liner.



Check the price of the Solvit Dog Car Seat on

Check the price of the Solvit Dog Car Seat on Amazon



4. Legendog Car Seat


legendog dog car seat


The Legendog Car Seat is made of high-quality material boasting a waterproof polyester exterior and a dirt-proof wool lining and cushion providing extra comfort for your dog. The lining and cushion can be removed and is machine washable allowing you to easily keep the seat clean. It is designed with an internal steel frame giving extra durability, support and safety for your dog while you are out driving. It also comes with a sturdy plank on the base of the seat that prevents sagging. 


legendog dog car seat


Size: 16.7″ x 12.6″ x 8.3″.

Weight Capacity: 33 lbs.




  • High-quality waterproof material.
  • Internal steel frame.
  • Dirt-proof wool lining.
  • Removable lining and cushion.
  • Pockets for storage.
  • 1 year warranty.


Check the price of the Legendog Car Seat on Amazon


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